REIGNITE: Candle Refill

REIGNITE: Candle Refill

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Introducing our new candle refill program REIGNITE. We want to save the planet while passing savings on to you! 


  • Refill your 14 oz. candle for 50% off
  • Switch to any scent we currently offer
  • Eco-friendly Option

How it works:

  1. Select a scent you wish to refill your candle with from the dropdown above
  2. Click Add to Cart and proceed to checkout when you done shopping
  3. We will ship you a newly refilled candle along with a refill return kit which includes the following:

                 - Return Box/Packaging for refill(s)
                 - Prepaid Return postage (USPS)

       4. When you receive your kit:

Important: We cannot accept broken or damaged jars.